Letter to the Editor: Tasty subsidy

Feb 15th, 2011
by Jeanette Doran


I read with interest the Feb. 6 article reporting on a proposal that would create a tax credit to help parents send their children to private schools. The most interesting part of the article, however, was not the discussion of the proposal, but rather the quotes from state Rep. Rick Glazier.


According to the article, Glazier said, "I don't think taxpayers ought to be involved in funding private schools, nor do I think the taxpayers want their money going there." That is a curious statement considering that Glazier has a history of voting to give public money directly to private schools.


In fact, he voted for five pieces of legislation that gave a total of $7.5 million to Johnson and Wales University, a cooking and hospitality school based in Rhode Island and operating college campuses in North Carolina and several other states. The state Court of Appeals is now considering a constitutional challenge to those appropriations. The state has defended the multimillion-dollar appropriations on the grounds that the government may subsidize both education and economic development.



If Glazier thought taxpayers didn't want their money going to private schools, why did he give million-dollar handouts to a cooking school?


Jeanette K. Doran


Senior Staff Attorney, N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law