Heatherly, et al. v. State, et al.

CHARLES HEATHERLY; THOMAS SPAMPINATO; W. EDWARD GOODALL, JR.; PAUL STAM; WAKE COUNTY TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION; and THE NORTH CAROLINA FAMILY POLICY COUNCIL, Plaintiffs v. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA; CHARLES A. SANDERS, BRYAN E. BEATTY, LINDA CARLISLE, ROBERT A. FARRIS, JR., JOHN R. MCARTHUR, JIM WOODWARD, AND ROBERT W. APPLETON, members of the North Carolina Lottery Commission, in their official capacity; NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY COMMISSION; THOMAS N. SHAHEEN, Executive Director of the North Carolina Education Lottery, in his official capacity; MICHAEL F. EASLEY, Governor of the State of North Carolina, in his official capacity; RICHARD H MOORE, Treasurer of the State of North Carolina, in his official capacity, Defendants.

Case Status

Current Status: Closed
Date Filed: Dec 15th, 2005
Last Action: Mar 20th, 2009
Court Filed In: State (Wake County)

Case Summary

NCICL filed the lawsuit on behalf of four individuals and two nonprofit organizations in Wake County Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that the Lottery Act constitutes a revenue bill in that it is an attempt to raise money on the credit of the State and to pledge the faith of the State directly or indirectly for the payment of a debt, and creates implicit and express taxes. The lawsuit alleges that the Lottery Act was not passed in compliance with provisions of the N.C. Constitution which require that revenue bills be read and passed by the General Assembly on three readings, each of which must be on a separate day.

Documents Filed

Document Title Date Filed Court Download
Opinion 03/20/2009 N.C. Supreme Court PDF 111KB
Supeme Court Oral Argument heard 09/09/2008 NC Supreme Court PDF 
Defendant-Appellees New Brief 07/23/2008 NC Supreme Court PDF 222KB
Plaintiff-Appellees' New Brief 05/19/2008 NC Supreme Court PDF 1.3MB
Tax Foundation Amicus Brief 05/19/2008 N.C. Supreme Court PDF 949KB
Notice of Appeal 04/18/2008 NC Supreme Court PDF 888KB
Opinion 03/18/2008 N.C. Court of Appeals PDF 110KB
Plaintiff-Appellants' Reply Brief 03/07/2007 NC Court of Appeals PDF 666KB
Defendant-Appellees' Brief 02/19/2007 NC Court of Appeals PDF 142KB
Brief Amicus Curiae of The Tax Foundation 01/19/2007 NC Court of Appeals PDF 655KB
Plaintiff-Appellants' Brief 01/16/2007 NC Court of Appeals PDF 3.2MB
Opinion on Petition for Discretionary Review 12/14/2006 N.C. Supreme Court PDF 86KB
Defendants' Response to PDR 06/28/2006 NC Supreme Court PDF 108KB
Plaintiff's Record on Appeal Volume 1 of 2 06/08/2006 NC Court of Appeals PDF 11.4MB
Plaintiff's Record on Appeal Volume 2 of 2 06/08/2006 NC Court of Appeals PDF 9.5MB
Plaintiff's Petition for Discretionary Review 06/01/2006 NC Supreme Court PDF 76KB
Defendants' Notice of Appeal 04/10/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 54KB
Plaintiff-Interveors' Notice of Appeal 04/04/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 57KB
Plaintiffs' Notice of Appeal 03/29/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 60KB
Order 03/21/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 337KB
Transcript of Superior Court Hearing 03/20/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 212KB
Amended Complaint 03/15/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 650KB
Brief for Defendants 03/15/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 9.8MB
Plaintiffs' and Plaintiff-Intervenors' Brief 03/15/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 10.6MB
Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint 03/15/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 93KB
Defendants' Answer to Plaintiffs' Complaint 03/03/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 5.4MB
Answer to Intervenors' Complaint 03/03/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 578KB
Intervening Complaint 02/15/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 621KB
Order Denying Preliminary Injunction 02/15/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 78KB
Order on Motion to Dismiss 02/15/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 95KB
Order Allowing Intervenors 02/14/2006 Wake County Superior PDF 47KB
Plaintiffs' Brief in Support of Preliminary Injunction 02/09/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 2.4MB
Defendants' Memo in Opposition to Plaintiffs' PI 02/09/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 1.9MB
Defendants' Motion to Dismiss 01/18/2006 State (Wake County) PDF 236KB
Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction 12/30/2005 State (Wake County) PDF 1.5MB
Motion to Intervene 12/21/2005 Wake County Superior PDF 112KB
Complaint and Petition for Declaratory Judgement 12/15/2005 State (Wake County) PDF 10.1MB