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High Court Voids Key Part Of Voting Rights Act
Mark Sherman
Jun 25th, 2013

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a key provision of the landmark Voting Rights Act cannot be enforced unless Congress comes up with a new way of determining which states and localities require federal monitoring of elections.

High Court Sends Back Texas Race-Based Plan
Mark Sherman
Jun 24th, 2013

The Supreme Court has sent a Texas case on race-based college admissions back to a lower court for another look.

Sweepstakes operators suing Haw River, other towns
McClatchy News Service
Jun 17th, 2013

A clause in the North Carolina constitution designed to ensure just and equitable taxation by local governments is being put to the test by companies the state has barred to do business.

Charter School Board May Have Constitutional Problems
Dan Way
Jun 17th, 2013

A bill to create an independent Public Charter Schools Board represents an unprecedented attempt to supplant the power of the State Board of Education and may violate the state constitution, critics of the proposed legislation say.

Appeals Court backs Chapel Hill cellphone ban, towing rules
Tammy Grubb
Jun 4th, 2013

The state Court of Appeals handed the town a victory Tuesday, upholding Chapel Hill’s ban on cellphone use while driving and its towing regulations.

Supreme Court upholds Maryland law, says police may take DNA samples from arrestees
Robert Barnes
Jun 3rd, 2013

A divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that police may take DNA samples when booking those arrested for serious crimes, narrowly upholding a Maryland law and opening the door to more widespread collection of DNA by law enforcement.

Film incentive rewrite stalls in House
Molly Parker
May 23rd, 2013

A bill sponsored by two local Republican legislators to rewrite the state's film incentive package – in a manner critics contend could result in lost film deals – remains parked in a committee controlled by the House Republican leadership. This article quotes Jeanette Doran, NCICL Executive Director, and our recent white paper concerning film incentives.

Letter: Nurse Practitioners Offer Solution
Tyler Younts
May 15th, 2013

NCICL Staff Attorney, Tyler Younts, wrote a letter to the editor concerning his recent white paper about nurse practitioners and the solution they offer to the growing healthcare problems.

In NC budget, where did the $1 billion go?
Dan Kane
Apr 28th, 2013

During the past four years, as Democrats and Republicans battled over sales and income taxes, higher tuition at state universities and the loss of 4,350 teachers in public schools, a substantial amount of money slipped through the fingers of state leaders. It didn’t disappear in one big sweep. The money stayed out of the state treasury, with little debate or notice, through scores of breaks in the state’s tax code. Some of the cash vanished in a string of new breaks granted by legislators, while still more evaporated because of loopholes approved years ago that continued to grow.

Take the Full Measure of State Economic Incentives
Jon Sanders
Apr 23rd, 2013

Local media consumers may have picked up a bit of trivia lately: North Carolina's new governor isn't a Democrat. This break from The Way Things Are Done 'Round Here has led to the humor of news stories written with apparent surprise and upset that the Republican Gov. Pat McCrory is doing things differently from his Democratic predecessors. One area in which McCrory is not doing things differently, however, is in using economic incentives. Granted, his approach is different. McCrory has this idea of a public/private partnership, which amounts to admitting a few private-sector businessmen into the circle of All-Wise Economic Lever Pullers, which means that on top of the other concerns with state incentives programs he would add concerns over transparency. His belief in the power of incentives and their importance to growing the state's economy, however, is the same as the previous governor's. Witness the MetLife deal.