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How Hollywood Is Ripping Off Taxpayers
Eileen Norcross
Apr 16th, 2013

From Massachusetts to North Carolina, Michigan and Iowa, a similar picture is emerging: Film tax credits don't deliver to state economies what they cost to treasuries and taxpayers.

NC needs a truer accounting of incentives
Jeanette Doran
Apr 16th, 2013

Jeanette Doran, NCICL Executive Director, wrote a point of view opinion on Governor McCrory's plan to privatize the economic development efforts of the state Department of Commerce.

McCrory plan would open state's Medicaid business to private companies
Lynn Bonner
Apr 4th, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory wants to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program by having managed care companies offer health care plans for poor, elderly and disabled people.

The Defense of Religion Act is dead. Why did it exist?
Jeremy Markovich
Apr 4th, 2013

The Defense of Religion Act of 2013 didn't have a prayer. It asked North Carolina’s General Assembly to disregard the First Amendment to the Constitution. The state representatives who introduced it didn’t expect it to pass. If it had, state law wouldn't have changed. Jeanette Doran, NCICL Executive Director, is quoted in the article explaining the interpretation of the fourteenth amendment.

Administrative Law Section Newsletter
North Carolina Bar Association
Mar 26th, 2013

The newsletter for the Administrative Law Section of the NC Bar Association included NCICL's white paper on the NC Board of Education being subject to the Administrative Procedures Act.

NCDMV will issue immigrant driver’s license without unpopular pink stripe
Bruce Siceloff & Anne Blythe
Mar 22nd, 2013

After weeks of protest from civil rights lawyers, immigrant advocates, Democrats and religious leaders, the state Division of Motor Vehicles revealed Thursday that it has removed an unpopular pink stripe from the design of driver’s licenses that will be issued, starting next week, to young immigrants in a federal program that postpones their deportation for two years.

NC voter ID proposal brings out opponents and advocates
Rob Christensen
Mar 13th, 2013

The politically volatile issue of whether North Carolina should require voters to have photo identification brought an overflow crowd and emotional testimony to the legislature Tuesday.

NC Gov. Pat McCrory: No state money for Carolina Panthers stadium upgrades
Jim Morrill
Mar 5th, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday that no state money would be available for the Carolina Panthers, complicating the team’s bid for public money to help upgrade Bank of America Stadium.

UnitedHealthcare adding 500 jobs in Greensboro
John Newson
Feb 20th, 2013

UnitedHealthcare announced Tuesday that it will hire about 500 new employees at its local office this year and another 100 at other offices across the state. The new jobs will give the health insurance company about 3,500 employees in Greensboro and a total of about 4,800 employees in North Carolina.

Restored payroll tax pinches those with smallest checks
Nelson D. Schwartz
Feb 8th, 2013

Many are feeling the bite from the sharp increase in payroll taxes that took effect at the beginning of January. There are growing signs that the broader economy is suffering, too.